Bree Haze & Mia – Mia Is Caught In The Act And Then Things Get Nasty

Bree Haze walks in with a flashlight and finds her newest playmate Mia making use of her tight holes without permission. That’s when she decides it’s time to put that strap-on to use, teaching Mia an important lesson. It’s disrespectful for Mia to masturbate without asking her pantyhose clad Domme ahead of time, and Bree isn’t willing to accept that sort of behavior from her newest sub. Be sure to get a good look at the gorgeous heels Bree has on, and the cumshot at the end demonstrating Mia’s acceptance of Bree’s complete dominance over her!

[Strapless Dildo] Strapless Dildo – Bree Haze & Mia

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